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EcoMogul magazine is a online lifestyle magazine fully dedicated to sustainable luxury living. EcoMogul Magazine is for all the conscious women and men around the globe. Based on stories about sustainable fashion, eco design, natural beauty, ethical fashion, slow fashion, eco friendly fashion, vegan fashion and healthy lifestyle all presented with a luxury touch.

EcoMogul magazine presents an enhanced global resource for sustainable brands, creative professionals and consumers who want to improve and increase their knowledge about sustainability and connect with other sustainable creators.

Founded in Stockholm, Sweden, EcoMogul magazine has grown to build a network of savvy writers and creative insiders around the globe that want to leave their sustainable mark on a time of unprecedented change.

Eco-conscious writers, sustainable influencers and brands with an ethical mindset. EcoMogul Magazine count on a selected creative community who wants to make sustainability adorable. We curate for you the best sustainable stories about sustainable fashion, natural beauty, eco design and responsable experiences.

Sustainable future:

EcoMogul Magazine is passionate about a sustainable future. We are searching for new, cool, smart, stylish products and exciting experiences – as long as they are conscious to the society and ecologically sustainable. We are facing a journey that will take us from a unsustainable present to a sustainable future. Each contribution is pointing in the right direction. We want you to be part of this journey and we look forward to have you as our travel companion.

We collect and distribute eco friendly, sustainable and eco-technological (eco tech) brands, products and stories.

We want you:

Do you want to contribute with a story about your brand or your products? Or do you have discover something exciting related to sustainabillity and eco friendly lifestyle that you would like to share? We are always interested in advocated people who want to help us spread knowledge and insights about the global change that is going on right now.

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