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CAKE ⊽ DENIM is a Los Angeles-based sustainable denim brand celebrating the female identity. Focus is on eco-friendly and socially responsible manufacturing methods to bring customers a more tailored and modern brand.

The founders, sisters Darrel and Dominique Schreiner, are a mere 18 months apart. They both know how important it is to secure a sense of identity. Their love for denim started when they embraced the reality that as close as they are, they were very different when it came to fitting jeans.

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Denim is an enchanting fabric that has an interesting history. In fact, it made a smooth transition from the American workforce to fashion industry by changing only a few minor details. Today denim has an important place in the fashion industry. Thats because it invites the opportunity for sustainability and innovation. And it was denim’s sustainable attributes that ignited their passion for denim, starting with using eco-friendly materials and incorporating sustainable methods in their manufacturing and production processes. Denim is a very versatile material in both design and fabrication. You can wear a good pair for your entire life. It will also be appropriate in most day to day activities. It’s not often you find a fabric that is as relevant today as it was years ago. It’s also one of the sexiest yet timeless articles of clothing a woman can wear and will wear better than man any time.

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From these alluring qualities, Darrel and Dominique took what they knew, fashion and science to create a beautiful brand that celebrates women as much as it empowered them. They used research and daring design to honor the iconic fabric in all of its glory. It isn’t an easy task considering the fashion industry has a long-established way of doing things. However, never wanting to settle. The sisters are not afraid to be questioned as well as question as they fight to bring life to a line as luxurious as it is both ethical and stylish.

sustainable denim

CAKE DENIM is proudly made in Los Angeles, CA. They live by the mission “Have It All” which means to not settle. From their zero waste packaging, recycle program and convertible pieces, CAKE DENIM refuses to sacrifice one thing for another. They hope to remind you of this by the CAKE DENIM symbol, ⊽ , the nor, which symbolizes the refusal to be categorized and inspire you to celebrate ALL of your life. Because when you celebrate it, that’s when you truly have it all.

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