Meet the team

Sally Keeble

Sally is an experienced PR consultant and writer with over 20 years in consumer and lifestyle PR.   She has worked for some of the UK’s top PR firms and is a passionate champion of sustainable brands – both in a professional capacity and as a consumer.
She first started writing for the student newspaper while studying for a degree in English Literature at the University of Edinburgh and she continues to enjoy writing about her eco friendly discoveries.
Reut B

Reut Ben

Reut Ben is a creative strategist and communications specialist. Her background is in Art direction, marketing & communications. With a heart that beats for the art of storytelling and a soul dedicated to sustainable fashion and lifestyle, Reut is on a mission to bring a new era of conscious communications. She specializes in harnessing the power of creativity to breathe life into sustainable visions.

Anders Runge

Entrepreneur and proud founder of EcoMogul Magazine. Acting as Editor in Chief. Focused on Sustainability and digitalization. Anders is an experienced product owner and specialist in e-commerce.


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