Meet the team!

Meghan Ecomogulmagazine 1

Meghan Lynne McKenzie

Los Angeles, California

Meghan will give you ethical and sustainable fashion reports from Los Angeles, California

Ethical fashion EcoMogul magazine 1

Natalia Gomez

New Mexico, Mexico

Natalia will give you ethical and sustainable fashion reports from Mexico City

Sustainable fashion paulina EcoMogul Magazine 1

Paulina Paulova

Vienna, Austria

Paulina will write and report about sustainable, ethical and eco friendly fashion


Nadja Kowalski

Berlin, Germany

Nadja will bring us vegan recipes and ingredients for a helthier lifestyle

moe marks EcoMogul Magazine 1

Moe Marks

Miami, Florida

Moe will give us insights of everythig in the sustainable art & design section


Tatjana Brill

Tatjana´s mission is to inspire the world out there and to share and animate my recipes / experiences. Leave the industrial sugar and sweet with dates.


Heena Shah

Washington, D.C.

Heena will report on climate change news and information regarding green living. She absolutely love vegan cooking and baking

Klaudia Urban EcoMogul Magazine

Klaudia Urban

Leeds, UK

Klaudia is a nutritionist working in food manufacturing industry. She is passionate about sustainable living and fashion. She enjoy simple minimalistic life, journeys, workouts, outdoor activities


Astrid Mitchison


Astrid is the founder of Halo Eats. She will contribute to the food section with delicious vegan friendly and gluten free recipes