Taipei Fashion week

Taipei Fashion Week AW22 opens with a focus on sustainability and the future generation through 3 key practices of “Reuse, Redesign and Reduce”. A series of events including catwalk shows, physical trade events, and discussions will take place from 23rd – 30th March 2022 in Taipei, Taiwan.

Taipei Fashion Week officially announced its FW 22 edition opening fashion show to take place on 24th March 2022. This season’s special opening showcase include six Taiwanese fashion brands – C JEAN, DYCTEAM, UUIN, oqLiq, TSUNG YU CHAN, WEAVISM. Each collaborated with a special Taiwanese textile mill to present a collection with sustainability & fabric innovation in focus.

Timo Helgert @vacades created the key Taipei Fashion Week visual depicting an alternative reality where a Utopian nature scene stems from within a Taipei metro cart. Focusing on the simple connection between humanity and nature, by envisioning our busy everyday life in blooming nature. Taiwan is leading the way and commitment for a better and solid foundation for our future generation.

“We are planting the seed of sustainability through nurturing the next generation of creatives. By showing young designers that Taipei Fashion Week is a platform that is committed to advocating sustainability and innovation.” Li Lianquan, Executive Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Culture.

Textile development has been the backbone to Taiwan’s fabric manufacturing for the past 20 years. The 7th largest textile exporter in the world and also one of the world’s leading producers of functional and technical textiles. With mills innovating and implementing the 3 key practices of “Reuse, Redesign and Reduce”. Taiwan’s unique sustainable development has enabled local designers to challenge the concept of massproduced fashion with their own creations.

All participating brands at this season’s showcase – Claudia Wang, AISH, oqLiq, Gioia Pan, #Damur, Seivson, Yentity, ProjectbyH, INF, Daniel Wong and Liyu Tsai.

For the latest updates and schedule of specific events, follow Taipei Fashion Week via social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. All shows are livestream on Taipei Fashion Week official YouTube channel: Watch it here

C Jean

C Jean teams up with New Wide Enterprise Co., Ltd., this season and uses a bio-polyester which is derived from plants to replace petrochemical raw materials, therefore substantially decreases the use petroleum, and eventually becomes a recyclable single ingredient polyester.


Uses a Polyamide from Oyster Farming which is developed by Formosa Taffeta Co., Ltd. In collaboration with local fish farming industry to turn wasted into eco-friendly fabrics.


Works with the renowned activewear fabric company Eclat Textile Co, Ltd., and utilizes two specific fabrics developed for function and extreme comfort – Eclat softfrom and Eclat Huddletech.


Taiwanese brand, oqLiq, focuses on creating high-end performance fashion using technical fabrics with an emphasis on functional simplicity. Based in Tainan, Taiwan, 10 years in the industry have resulted in oqLiq garnering much global attention. The concept and idea of “re-sea “was put into practice with Everest Textile Co.,Ltd., where ocean waste was collected and repurpose/ recycled into functional fabrics.

Tsung Yu Chan

The world first eco-friendly fabric made of exhaust, is produced by Far Eastern New Century Corporation. This fabric applies the technology of “carbon capture” to collect carbon monoxide from steel mills production and transform into yarns which is then weaved into polyester ready for cutting.


Weavism, a streetwear label led by Tony Chen, the 3rd generation of the founder of HerMin Textile, a Taiwanese functional fabric company established in 1976 that calls companies such as Coach and Tommy Hilfiger clients. Weavism’s AW22 collection was designed with sustainable fabrics ReEcoya® a recycled solution dyed yarn & fabrics developed to reduced water consumption and manufacturing carbon footprint.

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