Green Food

Eating takes up a huge part of each and everyone of our lives, yet so many people live without knowing the power food can have on their health and wellbeing. This site was born out of my love for cooking with whole, natural ingredients and my desire to inspire people to take control of their own health. Read Blog!


One of the perks of living in New York, is that there are just too many farm-to-table and organic restaurants to name. But if you’re looking for a bucket list of amazing dining experiences or a short list of places to try on your vacation, this is it. I’ll be totally up front with you: I haven’t been to every restaurant on this list (exactly half, actually), because I have a budget and a life. The ones I haven’t personally dined at, I added due to my extensive research, personal…

Green travel in Asia

Green travel, also known as responsible tourism or sustainable tourism, is something all backpackers should be thinking about as they jet off on their big world adventure. Green travel is about being aware of the environment and your impact on it when you travel. It’s also about respecting your destination and knowing how you can have a positive effect on the countries you visit. Asia is the world’s biggest continent with almost 4 billion humans and many more animals. The impact of the millions of tourists that visit each year and the…

Ready for the Cold

Winter is the time of year where wool, fur, and cashmere are abundant in stores. While marketing may have you believe that these are absolute essentials for chilly temperatures, that’s far from the truth. You can stay just as warm and cozy in winter hats, coats, gloves, and scarves made from synthetic materials. Plus, skipping wool benefits even more than the animals.

Coffee? pay with Energy only

2016 has brought many new things to the world, but the ‘pay with energy’ café in Paris is a first. Launched yesterday, customers were encouraged to physically create energy in exchange for speciality coffees – no cash accepted. Created by Nissan, the pop-up café is one-of-a-kind – bringing together inspiring innovations as a means to highlight the importance of energy and sustainability.