Coffee? pay with Energy only

2016 has brought many new things to the world, but the ‘pay with energy’ café in Paris is a first.

Launched yesterday, customers were encouraged to physically create energy in exchange for speciality coffees – no cash accepted. Created by Nissan, the pop-up café is one-of-a-kind – bringing together inspiring innovations as a means to highlight the importance of energy and sustainability.

For three days only, the public can get involved in kinetic activities, learnabout sustainable living and discover renewable energy innovations that are happening across Europe now. As well as opening the sustainable energy world to a range of new consumers, the cafe was also visited by a wide panel of pan european influencers – Alessia Giammarinaro, Albert Bosch, Anne-Sophie Descamps, Daniel Bönnighausen, Johannes Knapp, Justing Livesey, Anette-Marie Antonsen and Johannes Knapp to name but a few.

From pedalling on a human-powered bar stool and walking across an electro-magnetic flooring system, the café is a new, exciting way to see energy at work. At the heart of the café is an xStorage Home energy unit – a joint creation of Nissan and power management leader Eaton. Leading the way in sustainability, the café is a demonstration of what xStorage is capable of.


With great intentions of revolutionising the way we experience, produce and consume energy on a daily basis, the concept is not only for cafes and cars.

Powered by twelve second-life Nissan Leaf battery modules, the xStorage Home could potentially change the way we manage our energy usage in our own homes too. ‘The customer will be able to save money by controlling when and how energy is taken from your energy supplier.

They can buy electricity when it’s cheap and stop consuming when it’s expensive. It will also help generate savings in those countries that have incentives to promote household photovoltaic installations – for instance in Italy, Germany, the UK or Sweden. ’ said Francisco Carranza, Managing Director of Alliance Energy and Battery Services.

As recent months have only further confirmed, the energy grid is currently coming under enormous strain. In the event of a future power shortage or outage, the unit also acts as a back-up power solution. ‘The battery pack using Nissan Leaf modules ensure that you can connect directly photovoltaic panels, ensure your home is protected from any potential energy outage in your city or neighbourhood – and also allows you to provide energy services to your community or your city,’ said Francisco.

Available to order since 30th November, the xStorage is the cheapest home energy management system on the market. ‘This product is unique in the market. It is the most affordable turn-key solution – integrating back-up, solar inverter and grid feed functionalities,’ said Francisco.

Built to be environmentally friendly, it acts as a ‘second life’ for Nissan’s electric vehicle batteries after the first life is over. ‘It’s part of the only system in the market that integrates second life batteries – showing, again, Nissan’s commitment to protecting our planet and making the best use of the Earth’s natural resources. We are convinced that we all have to take actions to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and maximise the use of the raw materials taken from our planet,’ said Francisco.

The café marks the official launch of Electrify The World – Nissan’s social movement for sustainable, electric living, both on and off the road. ‘Nissan is the world leader in electric mobility and this is the result of our commitment to the protection of the environment. We believe that our electric vehicle technology can be used beyond the cars and contribute to further decarbonise the society,’ concluded Francisco.

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