Eco Packaging

By: Moe Marks

As a designer, I have an obsession with packaging design. Although we idealize brands like gods in our capitalistic world, it becomes blinding for some when purchasing products. One may buy something with prettier packaging instead of something better for the environment because it will fit better into their online feed. As an Instagram user who shares her life with the world, I too have been guilty of this. But as someone who does have influence, however small, I want to set a better example. I know what you’re thinking, why do I have to compromise pretty packaging?

Packaging matters

For most things, this really isn’t an issue, like what packaging your toilet paper comes in doesn’t matter. If it’s sustainable but maybe your makeup packaging does matter to you. With social media aesthetics in the back of one’s mind, it is no wonder trending styles have extended to beauty and food products. You have to begin to think past the packaging. Taking a look deeper into the vision and philosophy of the designers and the brand. It’s not all about the end product. It’s about the entire life cycle, from the cultivation of raw materials to what ends up in the trash when you’re finished.

Sometimes we focus so much on the things we like about a product. A style or a color, we tend to overlook the bad effects the products materials have on us. We need to look at the positives and negatives of each design both environmentally and emotionally. We must consider how our designs make us feel while we use them, how they look sitting in our homes and if they are good for not only for the future of our oceans but our happiness as well. Aesthetics and function must balance with sustainability. This is the new test of good design.

Conscious is not boring

This is why brand transparency is so important. You want to know where your product is coming from and what kind of toll on the environment it is taking. Designers have to think outside the box now that we are trying to limit materials that have previously made our jobs easy. There is nothing that says conscientious design has to be boring and basic. Our values can intertwine with our aesthetics. Contrary to what you may think. Beauty can lie in the materials and how they are treated. We can make the aesthetic whatever we choose.

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