Brand design can be ethical and cutting edge

By: Moe Marks

The idea of design is taken too lightly in today’s fast-fashion culture. We want the latest and greatest but we also want it at a low cost. Something newer and cooler will be available soon enough and we will need to buy a new one so why waste the money? The issue lies in that that fast design does not exist. Good designs take years to perfect, improving on old techniques and ideas, developing and evolving upon them.

Quality over quantity

We need to take a step back and realize lasting designs are worth the time they take to create. This is why clothing trends can be such an issue. One minute your purchase is new and cool. The next minute it’s old news and there is something “better” available. You can eliminate this issue if you focus on style rather than fashion. Purchase pieces you love and will continue to love. Quality over quantity is an important stance to take when it comes to sustainable fashion.

Zero waste

For most people zero waste isn’t attainable yet. Those of us in the design industry must educate ourselves on possible solutions and brands must be as transparent as possible. We as consumers must educate ourselves on what we can do. Even if there’s not much more you personally can change, you can use the knowledge on wasteful design by passing it along to someone who needs to hear it as well as holding those accountable who can make a greater change.

Product Design

Product design is more important now than ever. We are at a critical point in our society, especially as designers. The solutions we come up with now will pave the way for all types of design over the next century. Just because we have made poor design decisions in the past doesn’t mean we have to continue in that direction. Change will take time, but educating yourself in the matter and taking action is part of being a good designer as well as an educated consumer.

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