Answers to Your Questions about Yoga and COVID-19

By: Tina Martin – Ideasinspire

Yoga is far more than a hobby or exercise routine. For many, yoga is a path toward understanding: of one’s body, one’s mind, and one’s connection to the world at large. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has complicated yoga practice. It’s hard to know exactly what is and isn’t safe, and many yogi’s are struggling with the transition.

EcoMogul Magazine wants to help you find safe, low-risk ways to stay in tune with your practice and your community. Here’s a look at a few questions you might have about practicing yoga right now, and some resources to guide your journey forward.

Is it safe to practice yoga with a group or in a class?

You can lower your risk of catching or spreading COVID-19 in a yoga class through basic safety precautions.

What if I’m high-risk?

Vaccinated individuals are much safer than they were before, but high-risk individuals should still focus on enhancing their at-home practice and connecting with their community virtually.

How can yoga help me through COVID-19?

There are many mental and physical benefits to yoga and movement-based meditation.

What else can I do to stay well?

Basic health practices, such as a varied diet, paired with mask usage and social distancing, are powerful wellness tools right now.

With the twists and turns of the pandemic, it’s clear we aren’t out of the woods yet. Seniors and individuals with compromised immune systems have to remain especially careful. That means there is no one right answer when it comes to practicing yoga right now. So take the time to turn inward to find your path forward. We hope these resources can illuminate your journey.

Photo Credit: Pexels

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