Eco-Friendly Upgrades to Make Your Home and Community Greener

By: Tina Martin – Ideaspired

The climate is changing. The seasons are not what they used to be, reports Geographical: The summers are hotter, the winters shorter, and “false springs” more damaging. Pollution is sky-high and resources are depleting. You can help stop this decline by making some eco-friendly changes and upgrades at home and in your community. Any changes you make can have big, far-reaching effects! Although many people believe that it’s difficult to find a place to begin their eco-friendly lifestyle, there are, in fact, many ways you can get started — you just have to find ways that work for you! Here, EcoMogul Magazine presents some impactful green upgrades you could make to your home as well as within your immediate neighborhood to help the environment:

Eco-friendly home upgrades

Eco-friendly changes begin at home. Not only do they help the environment, but they could also boost your property’s overall value, so they’re practical too. Think about what a potential buyer would want when making upgrades, especially if you’re selling soon. Take before and after photos, and preserve receipts for changes made. Some upgrade suggestions:

1. Installing solar panels

Solar panels can supply part or even all of the power your home needs, drastically reducing your reliance on conventional energy that causes a massive amount of greenhouse emissions. Installing such panels can be a bit of an investment, but will pay for themselves in 9 to 12 years, says SolarReviews.

2. Energy-efficient lighting and natural lighting

What kind of lighting do you use? You could save a lot of energy and benefit the environment by switching to energy-efficient light bulbs – they’re a comparatively new invention. Allowing more natural light to come into your home can also help. Part your curtains, open your doors, and maybe consider adding extra windows or a skylight.

3. Planting a garden You can set up your own garden.

This is possible to do on your balcony if space is an issue. Plants are, needless to say, good for the environment. Gardening is calming and good for your health and wellbeing too. You could add a recycling bin and compost bin to your garden for getting rid of your waste in a more eco-friendly way.

Environmentally-friendly community upgrades

You can partner up with people in your community who care about the environment and make lasting changes within your community together:

1. Planting trees and community gardens

Planting trees around your neighborhood is a wonderful way to bring more beauty and health to your neighborhood. Some trees grow 5-to-8-feet per year, so you could have a massive transformation in just a handful of years. Community gardens are, likewise, an effective option for a more eco-friendly neighborhood. They bring peace and good energy to everyone too.

2. Community-wide renewable energy option

If you live in a close-knit community, everyone could pool their resources and install a renewable energy solution for your entire neighborhood. It would be cheaper if you did it this way. Also, it would benefit everyone and significantly reduce emissions in your area. Some renewable options worth exploring are solar, wind, and biomass.

3. Creating an eco-friendly committee

Finally, consider starting an eco-friendly committee (or joining it if it exists already). With such committees, you can carry out community-wide eco-friendly initiatives – such as cleaning and de-littering, planting trees, and fundraising for a green cause. You could also educate your community members by distributing eco-friendly guides or putting up informative signs and billboards.


You could always join a green group that cares about the environment – or simply ask members for advice and support locally if you’re planning to make sweeping, large-scale changes to your neighborhood. Your efforts are important, and you can make a huge difference to the world by making these green changes.

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