Zero Waste Homes – Infographic

Every single day we hear about the issues surrounding climate change. We hear about its detrimental impacts of it on our environment all over the globe. We’ve been introduced to Greta Thunberg along the way. She is a Swedish teenager who has made it her modus operandi to travel the world and drive awareness of these very important issues. But with such a high level viewpoint, it can be difficult to see how we as individuals can implement changes. Changes like zero waste will make a positive impact. Both on the environment as part of our own day to day lives.

By: Helen O’Keeffe

However it’s important to know that even small changes can make a difference. In a world of fast fashion, we can take a stance and try to halt our constant need for buying new items that we might not even need. We can also make a change in our grocery shopping. By bringing along our own bags to bring home the items. But also we can choose to not purchase those items that have excess packaging.

Educating our Children

Educating our children too is important as they are the future. By educating them they will understand that even small behaviours can implement change, we are striving for a better future. We can encourage them to understand the items that can and can’t be recycled. If we can explain to them that they should attempt to use less plastic because of the damage that it causes on the environment including marine wildlife. If they understand who the victims are of our excesses, it makes it a lot more real for them.

Infographic for zero waste

The guys from EZ Living Interiors & Sofas have put together this infographic below that covers the topic of zero waste homes. It outlines the intricacies of the movement; it explains the 5 R’s and it includes some very useful tips on reducing waste in your own home.
Check it out below!

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