Bamboo Toothbrush

Nonic is a startup, found in India with an aim of creating a sustainable environment. It all started when the founder, Shivam Mishra, came back to India from Singapore after pursuing his studies. He realised how India was lacking in terms of sustainable products and recycling infrastructure compared to other countries and there is much scope.

Shivam has a creative mind and believes that big changes always start with small goals. He was determined to eradicate the problem of single-use plastics. He came back to India and started his own firm with a motive to solve the problem of ever-growing plastic pollution. The idea of launching Nonic toothbrush came into his mind as it a basic thing from which we could start eliminating the use of plastic products.

We can make a meaningful impact if we start our day with eco eco-friendly toothbrushes and eliminate the use of single use plastic toothbrushes.
The company is committed to developing products which would be direct eco friendly alternatives to single-plastic products. The nonic toothbrush are biodegradable, long lasting and also improves oral hygiene. We wish to bring a strong impact through this and eliminate single use plastics completely.

The bamboo toothbrush is just one step towards making this planet clean, healthy and sustainable. We aim to launch other eco-friendly products too like biodegradable pens, bamboo bottles, baskets and other substitute products of plastic. The bamboo used to make these toothbrushes are harvested with the help of local farmers from the various places of the country. Once the bamboo is cultivated, the land is cleared and the new are harvested on the same land. Thus, keeping a balance on both the social and ecological aspects. This move also helps in giving employment opportunities to the local people.

With the clear vision of making this planet a powerful space for the next generation, we also set campaigns and clean up drives. The company is also looking to collaborate with NGOs that work towards sustainability and the environment. We also spread awareness among rural people about saving the environment and small steps they could take to reduce single use plastics, like carrying their own recyclable bags while going to the market.

Let’s hold each other’s hand and unite to save Mother Earth.

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