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“We want to empower individuals to purchase with purpose. We should not be forced to make a choice between high quality or environmentally conscious. Jord exists because the world needs it. You need it. If our pieces can start a conversation about style, they can certainly spark discussion on how designers and consumers can be more aware of the impact they have on this planet.” -Salman Shah, Design & Material Innovation JORD

Jord is known for its connection to materials. In an ever more sterile and inauthentic world, they are looking for unity and balance through the use of natural and reclaimed elements. 

Their mission is to make conscious fashion the rule, not the exception. They believe the one’s personal style is an expression of who they are and who they aspire to be; one shouldn’t have to choose between the fashion they believe in and the luxury they want.

Vegan Leather – Suberhide

JORD’s newest material innovation is their very own brand of vegan leather called Suberhide™. It is a fusion of Portuguese cork & woven cotton that is soft, hyper-durable, colorful, & totally sustainable.  This material is the cornerstone of their new line of vegan handbags. 

These bags are the perfect finish to any outfit: available in many vibrant colors & fashionable styles.  Beyond their unique material, these luxury wallets & handbags are designed with an eye for detail. A variety of designs to suit every occasion along with matching continental wallets, makes this is a collection for everyone.   In addition to superior construction & hardware, there are many features that enhance their utility: elegantly-expandable shoulder bags & customizable carrying options.


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