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The circular economy at the surf’s service. A young French company based in Bordeaux make surf boards Eco-certified. The first surf fin in fishing nets 100% recycled and Made in France are commercialized. In Mai, the company will bring cork pad out, Made in France. Nomads Surfing, a little company but already committed: 5% of the sales are given to organizations for the protection of the environment. “There is no ocean B”

The story begun a 2017 Avril night, at the foot of the Pyla dune, in front of the ocean. Three friends, Basile, Nicolas and Thomas, surf passionate and globe-trotters, had done a tragic assessment: the plastic did not stop destroying our ecosystem. They had done the sad experience of the rubbish beach of Kuta in Bali, of the winter waste on the Aquitaine coastline and decided acting, at their scale, to preserve the environment and the oceans while surfing. The surf industry, in explosion, is a polluting industry because of the material use to practice the sport (surfboard, wetsuit) and the attract for the travel at the other side of the world searching the perfect wave.

Nomads Surfing is born, with the objective to propose an alternative, for surfers who want to minimize their environment impact, and to evolve the mentalities around the practice and the eco-responsibility.

Responsible products with a carbon footprint reduced

Based in Bordeaux but with rich Malaysian and Philippines influences – hence the name brand – Nomads Surfing had created surf board certify “Eco-board” by an independent certification organism. These surfboards are made from polystyrene foam bars, recycled in part, and with epoxy resin composed by 40% of vegetal waste or natural flax fiber.

If the boards are not yet 100% ecologic, their impact on the environment is lower compared to the biggest majority of the market boards, because they are integrally shaped in Portugal, in Europe, and not in Asia.

The boards are sold in line on, from 660€.

Among the surf accessories developed by the brand, we find boards bag, big travelling bag for surfboards stem from recycled event tarpaulin, upcycled by a reinsertion workshop in Bordeaux, Recup’R, with whom the young brand develops a range of accessories from the circle economy.

The first fin made from fishing nets recycled, Made in France

Nomads Surfing had launched the first surf fin made from fishing nets. The fishing nets, salvage in Spain, are transformed in nylon little balls and injected as fins in a workshop in Thiers in the center of France.

Coming soon: the cork pad, Made in France

With an approach of revitalization of the French cork sector, from the recycling cap, we wish, thanks to our new accessories, to highlight a French company qualified of ”patrimoine du vivant Aquitain”.

By June, the first eco-designed tails and front pads, made in France, from French cork will be available for pre-order.

A commitment for the future

Nomads Surfing had done, from the fight against the climate change, his hobby horse. It can be translated into the materials choices, the transports, the packages…

Nomads Surfing it is:

  • A responsible and local production, in Portugal and in France
  • Alternative material: cork, organic resin, natural flax fiber…
  • A commitment for social and solidarity economy by working with local organizations
  • Reuse wastes: give again life to products in end of cycle and limit the production of waste
  • A responsible logistic with the use of reusable packages
  • Protect the oceans, it is also thinking about future generations.

Nomads surfing support 3 organizations in Malaysia, Philippines and in France, who had done from the coastal and ocean protection their first fight, by donate 5% of the sales to help their projects of earth protection.
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