Sustainability is Kindness

We have made a choice to question every process and ask if they can do it better.” Based in Bangalore, India the two founders Rekha Datla and Shivangini Padhiyar has build a sustainable fashion house – The Summer House

All of the fabrics come from an environment that does not abuse the earth. All clothing is made in their own production studio. While this increases the cost of operation, it allows them to have full control over workmanship.

”We have made a choice to say no to the easy way of sourcing materials.”

The Summer House make sure that the entire team works in a well lit, happy studio and earns fair wages. They provide training that enables each an opportunity to enhance their skill and grow in their career. At no point is financial gain given precedence over physical and mental health.

EcoMogul Magazine had the opportunity to have a interesting talk around sustainability and fashion with one of the founders, Shivangini Padhiyar.


Your pieces are very beautiful and unique. Where do you find your inspiration?
– For inspiration we tend to look at just society in general; what’s going on, what is the mood they are currently in. Besides this, we also turn to documentaries about history, architecture and astronomy. There’s inspiration everywhere but we mainly look at the people we cater to. We see where they are in life and we’re inspired by how they live. 

Sustainability is Kindness

What does sustainability mean to you? Can you describe your passion about sustainability? 
– Sustainability to us is kindness. Choosing the least harmful method of making clothes right from the source of the fiber all the way to post sale care. To be watchful every step of way and ask ourselves whether this is the minimum carbon footprint that is possible or can we reduce it further. This way, we are being kind to the people who make the fibers, who make the clothes and the planet. We’re being kind to our customers by giving them clothes that last longer.

As for our passion for sustainability – the way my partner Rekha and I grew up, sustainability was a huge influence because of the way our grandmothers and mothers lived around us. In India, sustainability is very inherent to our lifestyle; be it in the way we cook, in the way our houses are decorated or all our hand woven and hand embroidered fabrics that used to be worn until about a few decades ago. It is this influence that fuels our passion for sustainability and drives us to bring it back to modern wardrobes.

If you should describe ”The Summer House” in three words, what would those be?
– The three words would be mindful, craftsmanship and modern.

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