Organic Coffee

Organic coffee is completely free of sprays, additives, artificial flavors and the coffee has ripened calmly in the shade of the rainforest green trees…

75% of the world’s organic coffee production comes from Latin America. In many other parts of the world, organic coffee is also produced, such as Indonesia and Ethiopia. Peru has historically been the largest producer of organic coffee with a supply of nearly 500,000 bags. Honduras, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and El Salvador are other major producers.


What is Organic coffee?

In order to be called organic coffee, the coffee must be free from sprays and additives and that artificial fertilizers have not been used for the past 3 years at the place where the coffee is grown. When organic coffee is to grow up without artificial help, they need to grow in peace and quiet in the shade. The shade is donated by the rainforest that protects the coffee plants against the strong sun, and because this is needed, the forest in these areas is also not affected and in many places the forest is also replanted to give shade to the coffee. The green forests and the richer variety of vegetation attract a large variety of species of birds, which in turn live on insects that would in other cases destroy the coffee plants. In this way, the plantation owners do not need to spray the coffee plants as the birds do the work for them. The ecosystem is restored.

Only 7% of the coffee we drink in Sweden is Organic. But the increase has been dramatic in recent years.

Best Organic Coffee drinks

Ice Coffee:

Classic to cool off on a sunny summer day

Brew Organic coffee.

Pour into a tall glass.

Fill with as many ice cubes as you want.

If you like milk in the coffee then fill with any organic variety.


Espresso,Cappuccino, Hot cup of coffee:

Nothing goes up to a hot cup of coffee.

Prepare a good cup of Organic coffee.



Irish Coffee:

Coffee and alcohol in perfect harmony:

3 cl organic whiskey
2 cups of strong, hot organic coffee
1 teaspoon brown ecofarin sugar
3 tablespoons lightly whipped organic cream

  1. Brew the coffee.
  2. Pour the whiskey into the glass and turn on the coffee.
  3. Stir in the sugar.
  4. Hold a spoon in the glass and let the cream slowly drain into the drink over the back of the spoon blade.
  5. Serve with straw and long spoon.


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