5 electric supercars competing with Tesla

Tesla has definitely changed the game plan for all other existing car manufactures. Today all brands have their own vision of the future. Here are 5 electric supercars competing with Tesla…

Maserati Alfieri

”A name that is much more than a name”

Could this be a true challenger to Tesla? Well as soon it is in production we will know. Until then we can only imagine…



Impressive! This two-seat high-performance electric car is designed and manufactured in Croatia. A tru beauty!

0-100 km/h 2.5 sek
1224 Hp
Top speed at 355 km/h



Tesla is changing the future of automobiles. Just look at this beast. Maybach is just another example of luxury cars going all electric.


BMW i8

This incredible high-tech supercar changes the market of electric cars. Why buy an ice car when the alternatives are better, faster and cooler


Jaguar I-Pace

Unique and elegant. All Wheel Drive traction gives I‑PACE the acceleration of a sports car.

100 km/h 4.8 sek
480 km range

Jaguar-i-Pace EcoMogul

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