Formula E

For the first time in modern times, an FIA-sanctioned car race will take place in the middle of New York City! It is the Formula E circus that has come to town. All tickets are already sold out. To give drivers extra horsepower, one can go in and give them a FanBoost via social media and the website. The fanboost gives 40 extra horsepower!

These horsepower can be used for 5 seconds in both of the 2 cars used during the race day.

Formula E:

Formula E consists of 10th teams where each team sets up with 2 drivers each. You drive with 2 cars and change car after half the race


All the stalls run with the same chassis from the racing car manufacturer Dallara. The body provides lower ground pressure than a Formula 1 car to increase its reach, and the ground clearance is relatively high, 7.5 centimeters, for the cars to handle the uneven city lanes. Anti-cables are prohibited.

The electric motor is developed and built by McLaren. The maximum power of the electric motor is 272 horsepower men during the race allowed only 204 horsepower (245 with fanboost). The sound from the engines is only 80 decibels, Price with 130 from the Formula 1 cars. Acceleration 0-100 km / h goes in 3 seconds and top speed is 225 km / h. The batteries in the Formula E cars are produced by Williams F1 stall. The requirements of the International Automobile Sports Association (FIA) were that the lithium-ion batteries should last for about 20-30 minutes driving.

All tires to be used in Formula E are manufactured by the French tire manufacturer Michelin. Only one tire type is allowed, an all-weather tire that uses on both dry and wet ground. The tire has designs, unlike Formula 1 which has smooth tires. The rims are larger than in most other racing series, as large as 18 inches, for easier rolling. Tire heaters are not allowed.

The Swedish Felix Rosenqvist runs for the Mahindra stable and has been successful this year, 1 victory and 3 pallet places so far. Mahindra has been a member of the Formula E circus since 2014 and is one of the leading brands. Other brands include Faraday, AUDI, Panasonic Jaguar, DS Virgin, Andretti and others.

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