Volkswagen Vintage bus

Volkswagen is ready to launch its retro bus in new vintage. The bus is one of their most classic models and still rolls around the world as a surf bus or festival bus.

Volkswagens retrobuss – The Buzz

As early as 2022 they will realize their electric bus. VW flirts wildly with its hippie fans and spins on the hype of electric cars. The concept was released earlier this year and it then created a lot of disarray when taking advantage of their previous successes and created something new distinction against Tesla and similar newcomers.

The bus which will be called The Buzz will be released on the European, American and Chinese market. Apparently VW has been flooded with mail from enthusiasts who wrote ”Please Volkswagen – Build this car” and that is exactly what VW started doing.

Long range

The new bus ”The Buzz” will be a four-wheel-drive strong bus with 369 hp on each axle. It is estimated to be able to run up to 48 miles per charge and can be charged up to 80% in just 30 minutes using the VW fast charging system.

VW says there will be plenty of space in The Buzz for passengers and luggage. The batteries will be mounted in the vehicle floor and because the electric motors are much smaller than the gasoline engines, the new bus will be much more spacious than its retro version.


For small business owners, the bus will also come in handy when sketching out a special version for smaller transport in the urban environment.

Just as Volvo recently announced that they will have a 100 percent production of electric cars in 2019, of course, a number of other conventional car brands will take up the fight with Tesla and similar pitchers. But it will be tough for other manufacturers to scratch VW in terms of looks and hippie vibes. Hang loose – Launch 2022 – Start counting down the days until …

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