Suger free recipes – Welcome Tatjana

We welcome Tatjana to our team! She will contribute with delicious sugerfree recipes and healthy food.

Please Tatjana, tell us a little bit more about yourself.

Hello, my name is Tatjana. I love healthy, tasty and vitality-rich delicacies. It can be fast and easy, so anyone can imitate it. With my blog and You Tube channel I would like to introduce my favorite recipes ”without industrial sugar”. Then it’s time to sit back and enjoy without regrets! It is welcome to all who are in the mood for healthier snacking.

How did it all start?

With the birth of my daughter, a lot has changed and, among other things, the interest in nutrition. Suddenly I like to bake, which I did not like before that! And after a 21-day ”sugar-free” challenge, I decided to continue like this. The idea with the blog, came only half a year later, You Tube videos I’m doing since this summer.

We are surrounded by industrially processed foods. Almost every industrial product contains sugar. And reality shows that most of these foods make us sick. Numerous studies prove these problems, which are accompanied by too much sugar consumption. In addition, sugar makes us addicted, so every year, the sugar consumption in our diet increases very much. I want to feed myself and my family as naturally as possible. I want us to continue to feel healthy and fit.

What is your goal?

My goal is to inspire the world out there and to share and animate my recipes / experiences. Leave the industrial sugar and sweet with dates. Sure, the taste buds are slowly getting used to it. It’s a way and it’s worth starting today!

Greetings Tatjana

Tatiana Brill


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