Repurposing Vintage Garments into Stylish Fashion

The founder is inspired by her Grandad’s core values and style. London-based, The Grandad Company is taking a stance on sustainability by repurposing damaged and unwanted vintage garments into beautifully crafted unisex clothing.

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With a contemporary take on fashion, The Grandad Company has successfully crafted a collection, which have been brilliantly patch-worked together with the utmost attention placed on technical excellence and detailing. The brand has a unique story with the founder Jess Grech putting her Grandad at the centre of the brand; revolving around her Grandads morals, values and style. All items deconstructed are either her Grandad’s old clothes or reclaimed vintage menswear her Grandad would purchase. A personal brand created by the admiration for Grandad’s.

About the Founder

Jess Grech is founded the company in June 2020 after working in industry and being shocked by how un-sustainable the industry is. As sustainability is an important topic from a young age, being environmentally conscious is at the core of the brand. Jess participates in a three year internship with Traid charity where she learnt about recycling, up-cycling a sustainability at the age of 13. The Grandad Company is a circular brand which uses waste and does not produce any more waste. The brand is handmade in her shed workshop in London which her Grandad built her. Everything about the brand connects back to the close relationship and love Jess had for her Grandad, John Dingley.

More info:
Ranging from £40-£100 GBP, the collection will be available, over at The Grandad Company’s online store.
Shop: The Grandad Company

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