Sustainable Denim

Designer Jen Lipman’s main focus is to bring the collection of end-to-end sustainable denim styles to wearers who reject fast fashion and are looking for an affordable alternative in the premium denim category.

Lipman is focusing on delivering Porter Blue Apparel’s sustainable denim jeans to in completely biodegradable packaging. The signature collection features three form-fitting, comfortable, and trendy denim jeans styles: ”Wanderer Flare,” ”Rebel Straight,” and ”Heart Breaker Skinny.”

During manufacturing, Porter Blue Apparel incorporates various sustainable choices and practices such as faux leather labels, biodegradable packaging, waterless finishing methods, post-consumer recycled hardware for snaps, buttons, and zips, and BCI or ”Better Cotton Initiative” cotton. This is a style of alternative farming for cotton that reduces water consumption by up to 40 percent.

The denim jeans collection also relies on a unique laser finishing technology that ”imprints” or finishes the jeans, giving them a vintage, worn-out look without the use of harsh chemicals and dyes. Other alternative methods that reduce the amount of labor required to produce traditional jeans include the use of an ozone machine to lighten jeans, which reduces excessive water, energy, and chemical exposure for technicians in the factory.

To make sure that Porter Blue Apparel’s denim jeans align with the ethics of eco-friendly production, the designer specifically partners with a factory that has a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plant. This is crucial for ensuring that, instead of pumping toxic runoff water back into the local communities, the water used in production is repurposed through many cycles of distilling and filtering, rendering the water clear and clean enough to drink.

Jen Lipman is deliberate about the denim production process for Porter Blue Apparel. After honing her apparel skills for some of the top brands in high-quality fashion, Lipman’s Porter Blue Apparel line is seeking to turn the tale on sustainable denim by ensuring that every detail does better for the planet.

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