Electric SUV – Nio ES8

Finally, electric cars are starting to emerge that can meet other types of needs than just getting there quickly. We have long been waiting for an electric SUV. Like the Tesla Model X, the Nine ES8 has 7 seats that enable the large family to buy and enjoy an electric car.


The Nine ES8 is supposed to come with interchangeable battery racks to offer faster and more efficient refueling / charging. It remains to be seen how defacto will solve it in a practical way. Tesla and others tested this solution a couple of years ago but for various reasons have put this solution on ice.

Nine ES8

The 4-wheel-drive Nine ES8 is made entirely of aluminum and is scheduled to start selling in China later in 2017 with delivery starting early next year. In this situation, it has been difficult to get over a more detailed presentation of the car. The car company Nio is already best known for fast sports cars. Among other things, their cars have won Nelson Pique wins the World Cup in Formula E with a car from Nine. In addition, a lot of media attention has been gained with his two-seat super sports car EP9, which earlier this year was measured to drive 256 km / h on a race course in the US.

Interior Nine ES8

NIO CEO says:

William Li, CEO of the company, told the press at the Shanghai auto showroom earlier this spring: “Today we unveiled our new production vehicle, the NIO ES8 to the China market. It is another statement of our vision and technical and manufacturing capabilities. It is a best-in-class product that showcases what’s possible with electric vehicles. I am proud of our relentless focus on vision and action. From track to road, NIO continues to achieve major milestones every year. ”

It remains to be seen to see if the Nine ES8 will be a true competitor to Tesla Model X in the future, but it certainly looks exciting.

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