Ethical and sustainable jewellery

Mood Good is an independent sustainable jewellery brand creating intricate pieces to be worn and treasured. The light-hearted designs have symbols of love, humour and positivity running through them. This is to give the wearer a reminder to appreciate the little things in life and smile.

When starting the brand in 2017, jewellery designer Rosie Greener felt very passionately that the pieces were to be made in the most ethical and sustainable way possible. This fits the positive ethos of Mood Good perfectly. As a result of this, all of the pieces are designed and made in small workshops around East London. This enables Rosie to have visibility of the processes involved. She has developed a strong communication with those making the product, as well as an assurance that they are treated well.

Slow fashion

Mood Good aims to go against the grain and prioritise slow fashio. They releasing small and well thought out collections made up of timeless, thoughtfully designed pieces that to be worn and cherished forever. All of the packaging is recycled and recyclable. Also a re-conditioning service is offered to ensure that the pieces can truly be loved and worn forever.

Mood Good is constantly growing and developing. Rosie’s priority is to continue learning and bettering the brand to make it as ethical and sustainable as possible. This year more positive developments will be coming, as the pieces will move into being made from recycled metals. They will provide care cards with the pieces and the supply chain of the jewellery will be made completely transparent. Keep an eye on their Instagram @moodgoodjewellery to get more behind the scenes insight and stay up to date with these exciting developments!

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