PETA Approved Vegan Brand – FOReT

With inspiration from the forrest the PETA approved vegan brand create the most beautiful jewellerys. Hand made of up cycled vegan cork and recycled earth friendly materials. Founded in India in 2019 FOReT works with local artisans to create accessories with high fashion from recycled materials. Every design reflects on the ethos of Nature: Simple, Diverse and yet sophisticated.

EcoMogul Magazine had a talk with founder Supriya Shirsat Satam. Supriya is an engineer and an MBA in marketing by qualification. She worked with one of India’s premiere airline and led Mobile Commerce and Mobile Marketing prior to starting her own venture – FOReT.

Can you discribe how the brand was started

Supriya is a nature lover and loves to travel. She loves to paint landscapes and through her art, she explores the vivid colours in nature and observes the subtle nuances. This she believes also deepens her connection with the environment. Before launching FOReT, she was working as Mobile Commerce Head with an airline. She loved accessorising for work and was in search of handbags made from natural materials that could be stylish and could be carried from boardroom to parties.

Not fully convinced of the styles and the fabric in the market, Supriya started doing research on natural materials that could be used for making nature friendly yet stylish fashion accessories, and came across the beautiful Cork material.

”What got me attracted was that the Cork material resembles the texture of the natural bark. You can notice every grain and the texture of the bark. And this makes every product unique and exclusive, as no two product will be the same. Cork is extremely soft, anti-microbial, water resistant and extremely durable. It was a complete and wholesome material just as it is in nature.”

Supriya soon sketched a bag and got it made, and though getting manufactured just one bag cost her a lot, the bag was incredibly beautiful and way beyond her expectations. This paved the thought for launching products that articulated nature.

About the brand

Can you tell us a bit about the brand?

FOReT is a PETA Approved Vegan Sustainable brand. The ethos behind FOReT is to embody and articulate the beauty and spirit of Nature and create products that have a positive impact on our environment. We aim to carve a niche for natural fashion without compromising on the latest trends. Style and Elegance is the cornerstone behind all our accessories and we use the finest of materials that resonate with being earth-friendly and responsibleThe ethos behind the brand is to promote natural materials through responsible processes and elegantly designed accessories that are suited to modern lifestyle.

Our products are made to resonate the ethos of nature: Simple, Diverse and yet Sophisticated. FORet is also doing its part towards conserving nature, as for every purchase, they plant trees and support the livelihood of rural farmers.

FOReT and Sustainability

At FOReT, the jewellery is handmade in their studio. Their designs are elegant and made to appeal to a modern lifestyle. They believe that a good and durable product that is exquisitely crafted with earth friendly materials will be sustainable and can be cherished for a long time. The jewellery is handmade from the up cycled Vegan Cork only after an order is placed. It is PETA approved and they use produced-when-ordered principles. This ensures that they do not stock on inventory and can adapt easily to any new design.

The packaging is simple and makes the product the real hero. Every product is provided in a cotton drawstring bag handmade by local artisans.

As the metal in the jewellery can tarnish due to the high humidity in the city, some products are also provided in bio degradable air tight pouches. We wanted to ensure that our products stay as good as new and thereby be a sustainable source.

FOReT makes jewellery for Women and Men in Vegan Cork and earth friendly materials. Identifying a gap in the market with kids jewellery, where most products are made from synthetic materials, they recently launched their sustainable line in Cork and 14K Gold. Today their bags are made in Europe close to the source of Cork Oak Trees. This ensures, that they get a quality product made by the experts in the field.

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