Welcome Nadja – Vegan Mum…

Who actually is this vegan mum – and what’s her intention? I’m Nadja , mum of two gorgeous little kids. As I’m now a full time mum I had to think things over. I developed a completely new view on life. Bright new ways of thinking, precious insights forming astonishing ideas! Actually the first step into vegan diet was inspired by my partner. It’s so much more than a diet it rather initiates a profound personal transformation. It turns your habits upside down.

Besides all the positiv effects on your health and on your life in generalthere also is the additional time for preparation, organisation and – the money factor(I spend about 20 € more than before per week). Every extra Cent is pure energy and a plus on health. Since our diet was changed we live much healthier. My kids catch less colds, their health is stable and they are joyful. For about a year we eat vegan and the costs didn’t go down again. We are still on the 20 € plus and it’s worth every single cent. I do know for some families it’s hard to spare that extra money. Therefore I always do my best to conjure dishes for you at low cost. Watch me and learn how good preparation and effective organisation, as well as `easy to make` recipes can help youand your family benefit from the incredible added value of vegan nutrition.

The ecological change coming forth and the vegan diet plays a big role in it. Let’s work together and help to put this beautiful planet of ours back into balance! The healthy foods will strengthen our bodies, diminish our stress and enable us to stay free from chronical diseases. Savor and celebrate your live as it is meant to be! And be a part of this gorgeous change.

Nadja Kowalski

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