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The brand SinWeaver was established in Munich in 2011 with the goal of creating fashion for self-confident, individual women with strong personalities. Initially, SinWeaver concentrated primarily on evening dresses, party and business dresses and created unique pieces for fashion shows. In the course of the years the collection was extended, and also other kinds of dresses have become an integral part of the collection.

SinWeaver not only focuses on unusual designs, but also on the materials used for each item of clothing. Exclusively natural materials as well as sustainable and innovative fabrics such as TENCEL Lyocell are used. SinWeaver is convinced that it is possible to produce fashion in an environmentally friendly, sustainable and fair way as well as to operate innovatively, fairly, socially and sustainably in all areas of the supply chain in accordance with the targeted guidelines.

This concept is the main idea that SinWeaver is pursuing in every planning step of a new collection and it is this very balance between extravagant design and sustainable materials that makes SinWeaver fashion unique.

The collections are available online through the company’s own shop, avocado store, showroom and Etsy. There is also its own boutique in the north of Munich, where customers are personally advised.

Our contribution to improved sustainability
SinWeaver understands the criterion ”sustainability” much more generally than just in connection with the production conditions. All business processes are subject to the principle of sustainability, from materials, production and delivery all the way to the finished product that the customer receives.

SinWeaver pays particular attention to geographical proximity and long-term business relationships when sourcing materials. All designs in the new collection use natural and sustainable fabrics. These materials feature both naturalness and openness to innovation. The collection currently uses cotton from certified organic cultivation, organic denim with the GOTS seal, Sorona, Tencel™ Lyocell and many more.

SinWeaver also makes sure that high-quality materials are not only used for the outer fabrics, but also for the linings. In the case of conventionally mass-produced clothing, synthetic lining materials of low quality are used for this very purpose. Since the lining is in direct contact with the skin, it is particularly important to use high-quality and natural materials to prevent skin irritation, sweating and so on.

Quality and transparency are the main criteria during production, which is why SinWeaver cooperates directly with small sewing workshops on the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria. Through close cooperation, transparency, humane working hours, a fair compensation and the quality of the collections can be guaranteed. Shipments are made using DHL’s climate-neutral shipping system and the geographical proximity also means that transport routes and CO2 emissions are reduced.

One of SinWeaver’s maxi dresses was awarded with the Peta Vegan Fashion Award in the category ”Best Fashion Piece Ladies” in 2018. SinWeaver will continue to make every production step even more sustainable in the future, in order to contribute positively to both people and the environment.

”Natural Glam”

The design theme of the current SinWeaver collection is ”Natural Glam” – a combination of genuine naturalness and sophisticated elegance.

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