Là Fuori Debuts Vietnamese-Inspired Collection

Sustainable fashion: Born and headquartered in New York is the premium lifestyle brand, Là Fuori. Translating to “out there” in Italian, Là Fuori is brought to the forefront due to its organic and sustainability factor along with deeply rooted cultural traditions. The masterminds behind the eco-friendly label are nomadic creators Vidur Adlakha, and Riccardo Benedini. The philosophy behind the brand is to bring environmental consciousness along with the empowerment of the artisan women to the world through story-telling.

About the designers:

Vidur Adlakha and Riccardo Benedini’s fortuitous encounter in Shanghai sparked the beginning of their shared adoration for sustainability, embroidery, and travel.

Fascinated by his mother’s vibrant fabrics and influenced by the strength of culture that surrounded him in his childhood, Vidur developed a love for art, luxury, and couture.

Working alongside high-end fashion designers, Vidur discovered his passion for embroideries and fine textiles. This led him to fusing his knowledge and creation to what we now know as Là Fuori.

Sustainable fashion brand Là Fuori

Riccardo is an aficionado of ancient architecture and artifacts. He was involved in the restoration of ancient palaces and buildings throughout the city of Venice, Italy. His way of traveling is not only by his ship, but through the eyes and stories of other travelers. They inspiring him to tell stories through his passion of photography and poetry. This began his voyage from all over Europe and then to Asia, which led him to cross paths with Vidur.

The brand:

Là Fuori debuts its Vietnamese-inspired collection, “Stories of Sapa” where the visions of Adlakha and Benedini come to life. You will find yourself dressed in embellished, hand-woven jackets to vibrant coats & pants and jacquard flounced dresses. The collection is dainty and eccentric, celebrating the creative style and expressions of the women who wear it.

The creation of each piece is conscientiously designed. Not only with grace and heartfelt devotion, but with a story woven within each magical thread. Là Fuori continues to connect people together throughout, one adorned silk and organic cotton piece at a time.

Allow your imagination to take you on an exquisite expedition of Vietnam. Come along on Là Fuori’s inspirational journey and fall in love with the Stories of Sapa exuding the young and vivacious vibe, carved with artisanal values. Quirky, playful, vivid and mystical, as we divulge our upcoming globetrotting experiences with you in our new collection.

Explore the collection: www.belafuori.com

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