Up & Coming Sustainable Brand Gen Z is Loving

Lazy Hype is a recently-launched, eco-friendly activewear brand born and based in LA. Their line is made ethically from recycled materials, organic cotton, and natural plant-derived dyes for sustainable styles that are transitional from studio to street.

Their founder, Liz Hernandez, has been in the fashion industry for 12 years and realized that there was a need for more sustainable products. As the generations kept evolving, they noticed that these consumers were hungry for eco-friendly products at a reasonable price.

Lazy Hype is committed to an eco-conscious lifestyle by spreading the word about sustainability through fashion. By proving to big businesses that the biggest step to a greener future is any step— Lazy Hype is reinventing what it means to be sustainable.

This brand is the next up and coming sustainable brand that you won’t want to miss. This start-up has expanded into different elevated studios all over the US. You can find Lazy Hype in Hit House all the way in Soho, New York to Plyo Fitness in Los Angeles, California.

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